Thursday, January 25, 2007

Long Time, No See . . .

. . . you're not gonna get much here. There just isn't enough time.

However, I thought y'all might like to see a sampling of some of the (very positive) reviews we've been getting for Titus Andronicus. Luckily, you can link to ALL reviews here (just type "Titus Andronicus" into the search engine; apparently I can't link you directly to the show's page), saving me the trouble of finding them individually (the PI review is part of a run of capsule reviews; we're the 3rd or 4th show down).

Hopefully I'll have time to post some new writing once the show closes.

Oh, and shout out to Amanda: We are SO looking forward to seeing you this weekend. And I'm excited to have you see the show (when was the last time you saw me perform?).

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