Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OK, I'll bite . . .

10 years ago: Having spent several months in Salt Lake City after failing to complete college, I was giving notice at my job at Matrixx Marketing, where I was working the incoming customer service line for Clairol hair coloring products. 'Stine and I were pooling our resources, and would be moving, in two weeks, to the great northwest, to Seattle.

5 years ago: Having just moved out of the studio where we'd lived for the better part of five years to our current one-bedroom apartment, I was waiting--quite apprehensively--for the opening of my zombie-farce Sunken, being directed by the beige one himself. I was also growing hair and a beard for Gorey Stories by this time, and was already over it and wanted to shave.

1 year ago: It was around this time I first saw Sleepytime Gorilla Museum in concert, before having actually heard any of their music, and was dumbstruck at the sheer spectacle and transcendental brilliance of it all. That I went at all was an exercise in feeling comfortable going out and doing things I enjoyed, very necessary in the wake of a turbulent summer and absolute collapse of a fall. I was trying to deal with my depression and rage on my terms, which are sometimes a little . . . well, stringent and unorthodox (if those words aren't too intrinsically contradictory).

5 snacks: Quesadillas, celery, kale stalks, peanut butter & jelly on apple cinnamon rice cakes, Gellato Classico green tea ice cream

5 songs I know all the words to: If I discount musicals I've been in (and I have to, or I'd never limit it to five) . . .Morphine, I'm Free; Peter Murphy, Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem; Sky Cries Mary, Elephant Song; The Flaming Lips, She Don't Use Jelly; and Nine Inch Nails, Terrible Lie

5 things I could do with $100 million: Pay off my debts, buy a bass guitar and several months worth of classes, take martial arts classes every night (Aikido twice a week, Muay Thai once a week, Krav Maga twice a week, intensive yoga on Saturday and T'ai Chi on Sunday . . . probably), get a car (or a scooter), get a philosophy degree

5 things I would never wear: I'm assuming I can count things I'd never wear again . . . Polo shirts, short shorts, a mullet, tight leather pants, a leisure suit

5 favorite tv shows: Lost, Firefly, The Tick, Freaks & Geeks, The Sopranos

5 biggest joys: The heady buzz after a good workout, seeing an audience member with tears in his/her eyes, 'Stine sobbing while I cradle & rock her, herbal tea late at night, having every last pair of underwear clean and in my drawer

5 favorite toys: Defined broadly . . . my jump-rope, our strap on, my juggling balls, my hackey sack, the Super Scrabble tiles

That was fun. Are the beige one and rob listening? I know 'Stine already shouted out . . . I don't imagine JJisaFool would be likely to play, but I'd be curious to see what he had to say.


Blogger the beige one said...

Rob's off until tomorrow, and good luck on JJ. Prolly should post something in his blog to let him know his presence is requested.

Insult him and I can almost guarantee he'd comply, but not without some attitude on his behalf.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Missuz J said...

Kale stalks?

To each his own.

I'd forgotten that Flaming Lips song. Is that the one with all the rhymes like tangerine, vaseline, mesceline? I remember wandering through albertsons with mandy, tore, singing that, and her nudging me to shut up.

11:13 AM  
Blogger thelyamhound said...

That's the one.

I tend to eat the kale stalks when making salad; I strip the leaves off--after washing--to put them in with the lettuce, spinach, cabbage and broccoli, and I eat the stalks while standing over the cutting board.

11:51 AM  
Blogger thelyamhound said...

As to JJ, beige one, I only listed him because I was trying to think of people I've come to know who hadn't already done this . . . and I knew Izzle Pfaff would be a complete dead end.

Frankly, I'd rather hear JJ's response to either the previous post (Are You Not My Tribe, which I'd LOVE your thoughts on) or the one before (The Tyranny of Beauty, to which you already responded). Either way, it's not imperative.

12:21 PM  
Blogger FreeThinker said...

Nice Scrabble reference! Scrabble is my favorite board game, and practice makes perfect!

To paraphrase Shakespeare,

"The Word-Play's The Thing!"

5:23 PM  
Blogger JJisafool said...

What's going on here? Why are people talking about me? WHo are you all? Where am I? Is anybody out there?

I often only get out into the blogosphere while on my monkeycage job at the Rep (I sit and occasionally push a little button to let people in) which is where I am tonight.

So, I'll do it.

8:20 PM  
Blogger thelyamhound said...

I know you by reputation only, JJ (although, funny enough, I'm a desk monkey across town at ACT--small world). You just struck me as someone with whom I could have interesting dialogue.

9:27 AM  

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