Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Notes from an Old Man

Okay, so I'm now in my mid-thirties; I'm 34 as of 9:15 (or so) yesterday morning. I left work at 1:00pm yesterday, had lunch, went to look at some furniture and caught a matinee (X-Men: The Last Stand, which wasn't bad, wasn't great, was sorta disappointing--look for a review sometime in the next day or two on 5 C Reviews, reachable via the "Our Reviews" link to our right). Before that, on Sunday, we ordered a lot of Italian food and had friends over for celebrity guessing games, Cranium, and the imbibing of mass quantities of . . . well, all sorts of things. I can't remember what all the food goodness was, but there was a lovely pasta with white sauce, cheese and prosciutto; prosciutto also figured prominently on a pizza with red peppers; one of the pizzas had goat cheese. Two people brought two boxes each of fudgcicles, and we're still munching on those.

I was given a dark chocolate bar with chilies and cocoa nibs, Aztec style. I ate it on Monday. Mmmmmmmmm.

Oh, and I got an I-POD!! Madness, I tell you. I listened to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum on a trip to the store, Modest Mouse (not my favorite band, but I can't resist "Gravity Rides on Everything") on the bus yesterday and These Arms Are Snakes on the way to work this morning (note: pre-emptive hardcore DOES make the morning go more smoothly). I need to upload some more of my CDs.

Anyway, I went CD shopping with a gift certificate given to me by one of my friends. I bought Hidden City of Taurmond by Wizardzz (again, look for a review in 5 C Reviews). Holy fuck.

Looks like I'm in for a free introductory class at a local, mixed-martial-arts program this next Monday (6/5). I'm pretty excited. We'll have to see what the $$ looks like & such, but at least steps are being taken. The program offers a mixed class, a program specifically dedicated to sparring, and then the option for regular classes focusing on the individual elements of the mixed discipline (grappling, kickboxing, Muay Thai).

I've also started some preliminary work adapting some old short stories, in a horror vein, with an eye on creating songs therefore, just as an early exercise in marrying music & text. I figure if I start with "micromusicals", or "microperas", I can start to work the muscles that allow me to mix metal, cabaret and jazz with narrative and gonzo physicality to create . . . something. Or nothing. We'll see.

Anyway, that's all. I just wanted to keep y'all up to date. Keep an eye on the other site--I've got at least 2, possibly 3 reviews in the hopper (depends on whether I want to review Trouble Every Day, a seriously fucked up French flick we watched last Friday).


Blogger Christopher said...

Congratulations & belated Happy Birthday.

However, you are not anywhere close to being OLD, ya' young whippersnapper!


A Very Old Person

12:48 PM  
Blogger thelyamhound said...

Well, of all people . . . Okay, maybe I'm not THAT old. We actors tend to get our midlife crises revved up a little earlier than most.

12:58 PM  
Blogger ~A~ said...

Damn, 34 is old! Happy belated Birthday.

Have Rob hook you up with that dictionary for the iPod.


4:58 PM  
Blogger the beige one said...

goddamn, old man...where you be?

5:13 PM  
Blogger Tessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I really don't think mid-30s is old, how could I since I'm there. Glad you had a good one.

We saw one of the Thai boxers drumming up a crowd for a match in Phuket...the other day. Will that be you??? ;0

Glad you are doing well.

4:14 AM  
Blogger thelyamhound said...

Tessa! What a pleasant surprise to see you on my blog!

Those cats in Thailand start training by kicking palm trees when they're, like, SIX, so even if I get pretty good--and I think I have the potential to get pretty good, if only because of my previous martial training and reasonably good physical condition--I'd probably get my ass kicked in SE Asia. My course also involves some Jiu-Jitsu grappling, submission wrestling and Kali weaponry, with a sprinkling of Jeet Kune Do and Savate, so my Muay Thai is a little, shall we say, diluted.

Anyway, I hope your travels are going well. I'll have to keep checking your blog(s) for new updates . . .

10:56 AM  
Blogger Tessa said...

I guess I should admit to not actually GOING to the thai boxing. We saw a guy (the one who would be doing the boxing) advertising a match by riding in the back of a pickup truck in his boxing duds with the rest of his mates, all of them looking fierce.

I'm not really sure where or when that match happened, but most of them were in the part of town with the skanky bars and the "thai paid girlfriends" ... we watched world cup football instead (Go Socceroos!)

9:21 AM  

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